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... the apps have been published and are generally available for free now!!

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Product documentation and videos

Here you can download the latest documentation.

The first release will be version 1.5 which adds the MAVLink connection to the flight controller. Most documents below have already been updated:
Document Title Description Download File Size
FlightZoomer 1.5 Functional Aspects
In this document various basic topics about FlightZoomer are described. Among other these topics are covered:
Overview / System requirements / Operation scenarios / Network connectivity / State model / Navigation data / System accuracy
Functional Aspects 1.14 MB
FlightZoomer 1.5 Installation
In this document the installation and preparation steps are described. Installation 4.47 MB
FlightZoomer 1.5 Operation This document describes the operational aspects of FlightZoomer. to be published  
FlightZoomer 1.5 Sensorics App Reference
This document is the reference for the FlightZoomer Sensorics app. Sensorics app reference 1.60 MB
FlightZoomer 1.5 Relay Server Reference
This document is the reference for the FlightZoomer Relay Server desktop application. Relay Server reference 1.16 MB
FlightZoomer 1.5 GroundStation App Reference
This document is the reference for the FlightZoomer GroundStation app.
The linked document is a teaser but not yet fully complete.
Groundstation app reference 3.15 MB
FlightZoomer 1.5.1 Complete Documentation
This document simply contains all of the above. Full documentation 9.53 MB
New FlightZoomer 2.0 Documentation      
FlightZoomer 2.0 New Features This document is an extension to the full version 1.5 doumentation, covering the full scope of version 2.0 Version 2.0 extension 3.37 MB
FlightZoomer 2.0 Autoflight Modes
Handout for the related video on youtube showing additional information. Autopilot Modes Video Handout 0.79 MB

Beside the listed documents, a number of youtube videos show you the progress of the project since it started:

FlightZoomer Version 3.0 innovation preview 2 (synthetic camera):

FlightZoomer Version 3.0 innovation preview 1 (terrain view):

The video, showing the updates for FlightZoomer Version 2.1:

Some weeks earlier, the same flight done with the less optimized version 2.0:

The official FlightZoomer Version 2.0 video. It shows the system running in a real device:

FlightZoomer Version 2.0 autopilot announcement video:

First succesful attempt of an automatic ILS approach:

A manually flown ILS approach with using a pre-release version of FlightZoomer:

The very first published video:

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