As I don't want to spend a lot of time designing this webpage, its design and the features might appear a bit minimalistic. But don't turn away, there is plenty of information in the four sections below!
... the apps have been published and are generally available for free now!!

What is it about?

FlightZoomer is a drone control system, that can be used to navigate, track, control and record the flight of remote controlled unmanned aircraft, especially fixed wing planes or multicopters. A special emphasis is laid on the implementation of systems and the piloting user interface, which both strongly adopt the functionality and appearance of large civil jet aircraft.

FlightZoomer is supplementary to an existing setup consisting of an unmanned aircraft (which can be a multicopter or an airplane), a flight controller and an RC transmitter. The smartphone therefore operates as a companion computer to the flight controller and autopilot.

The following use cases will be covered by the upcoming FlightZoomer Version 3.0

Unlimited range

Bi-directional transmission of data between an onboard smartphone and the tablet-based groundstation via cellular network.

Synthetic Camera

The FlightZoomer cockpit app offers a synthetic outside view. Enjoy the peerless experience when looking down on the landscape even when a traditional FPV setup would run into serious limitations (e.g. at night, in fog).

Real FPV Camera Overlay

Beside the synthetic camera, a traditional (real) video feed can be embedded seamlessly in the FlightZoomer cockpit app.

Autopilot with 14 modes

Control the aircraft using real world autopilot modes like altitude capture and hold or ILS glideslope capture! The autopilot supports basic flying, as well as following flight plans or (simulated) radio navigation aids.

In-built Air Traffic Control

Be guided from cruise down to the ILS by the friendly lady from the virtual air traffic control center!

Flightplan based operations

Navigate and control the aircraft based on self-created flightplans: prepare, plan and execute routes like real pilots do (following instrument flight rules)!

Navigation Database

Create and maintain your own airspace with airports and navigation aids! This enables for navigation based on simulated radio navigation aids.

Instrument Landing System (ILS)

Capture and follow the glideslope with your RC aircraft for a precision approach! The FlightZoomer Instrument Landing System (ILS) offers the full set of real world features including the beeping at the outer, middle and inner markers.

Simulation Capabilities

Get accustomed to the system using the in-built simulation capabilities! They allow to inspect, demonstrate and train most of the features just using the cockpit app in a stand-alone operation.

Synthetic voice support

Experience teamwork with a simulated co-pilot!

Control Camera via SONY remote camera API

Start and stop video recording or continuous still shooting!

Use the smartphone camera

Make use of the stuff a smartphone brings with it by letting the camera of the onboard smartphone record images or videos of the flight!

Flight Replay Feature

Show your friends at any time, how your cockpit looked during a flight!

Flight Logging

Provide extensive flight telemetry/logging capabilities: dig into masses of data for post flight analysis!


System Context Diagram
system context diagram

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