5.1.4       Prepare navigation database


One important step for preparing FlightZoomer is the creation of a suitable navigation database. This task is done with the Cockpit-app. The basics for the navigation database are described in section 4.2.

Some tips how to create the navigation database:

-          A mini tutorial how to create a navigation database is available on YouTube in this video.

-          Creating the navigation database means that you already have a clear vision what kind of flights you want to do.

-          The task to create the navigation database needs to be clearly separated from performing a flight. For this reason, the Navigation Data Management screen is only accessible directly after starting the Cockpit-app and not anymore after entering the cockpit.

-          Wherever you wish to have waypoints for your routes place a VOR or a GPS FIX. You can cover the whole landscape with as many navigation aids as you want.

-          For multicopters airports and its related landing strips can be placed virtually anywhere (Because the last segment is a straight descend without any horizontal speed components).

-          As the location of the touchdown point is affected by an error of about +/- 20m in runway direction and +/- 5m to the side, the chosen landing strips ideally is a sufficiently large grass area.

-          One airport typically is enough because RC aircrafts usually land where they took off!