6.3     Procedures


These step-by-step guidelines illustrate the recommended usage of FlightZoomer 3.

Were suitable, each step has a small checkbox, so you can open the guidelines in a browser on a mobile device while going through the procedure and tick off the completed steps.

Legend for the used devices:

AC = aircraft
FC = flight controller
CC = companion computer (sensor device, FlightZoomer Companion-app)
3PR = 3rd party radio telemetry system
SY = Sony camera
CP = groundstation (FlightZoomer Cockpit-app)
RC = RC transmitter


6.3.1   Change display units

6.3.2   System start up   For 3rd party radio telemetry operations   For DirectLink operations

6.3.3   Cockpit preparations   Enter the flight route manually in the FMS   Load a stored flight route from database

6.3.4   Basic flying with FlightZoomer   Take off   Landing

6.3.5   Flying with the FlightZoomer autopilot   Common guidelines   Autopilot modes   Autopilot basic functionality   Activating the autopilot   Using the BASIC autopilot modes (SPD, TRK, HDG, ALT, VS, FPA and FLCH)   Using LNAV and VNAV   Fly with voice recognition

6.3.6   Using checklists