FlightZoomer in a nutshell

  • FlightZoomer consists of two apps, that are connected via cellular network. One runs on a smartphone that is onboard the aircraft and the second runs on a tablet that serves as groundstation.
  • The system allows to plan, control, navigate and manage the flight of remote controlled unmanned aircraft.
  • Features borrowed from manned aviation: the look&feel (based on the Boeing 787 cockpit), IFR capabilities (instruments, autopilot, Flight Management System) and the support of professional procedures.
  • Low cost solution, perfect for hobby or FPV pilots, as well as for expert applications.

Innovations that set FlightZoomer apart

3G/4G Cellular Connectivity

Get rid of dedicated proprietory hardware just to connect the aircraft with the groundstation. The FlightZoomer 3G based air-ground databus provides a perfect low latency telemetry solution with COTS hardware.

Synthetic Outside View

FlightZoomer offers a synthetic 3D outside view just based on telemetry data (no video transmission needed), that shows outstanding FPV characteristics: 
Unlimited range, reliable, full HD, perfect image stabilization, no fog, no clouds, never night and superior versatility to adjust camera parameter inflight.

Alternatively the FlightZoomer cockpit allows to display the feed of a real FPV camera as well. Either side-by-side with the synthetic view or instead of it.

Watch demo on YouTube

Comprehensive Autoflight Modes

FlightZoomer has a super versatile autopilot, that offers all the control modes, you would find in a modern jet aircraft.

On the diagram to the right, lateral modes are shown with red arrows, vertical modes with blue arrows and the speed mode with green arrows.

You can easily control all these modes using the touchscreen and the Mode Control Panel (MCP):

Watch demo on YouTube (still with the version 2 app)

Terrain view

Excellent terrain awareness is created by the terrain map and the vertical situation display. The colors indicate the terrain elevation relative to the current aircraft altitude:

  • Red: terrain is higher than the current aircraft altitude
  • Yellow: the aircraft is not more than 50m above the terrain
  • Green: the aircraft has a safe altitude

  • Watch demo on YouTube

    Flight planning and management capabilities

    FlightZoomer allows to create flightplans based on an integrated, self-maintained navigation database.

    Using the LNAV- and VNAV-mode of the autopilot, the route is automatically followed laterally and vertically.

    Control the flight entirely using a radial controller

    Using the Surface Dial rotary controller all autopilot modes can be controlled with one hand.

    Pressing the dial iterates through the four basic modes (altitude, vertical speed, track over ground and forward speed), while turning the knob changes the respective target value.

    Watch demo on YouTube

    Train, inspect or explore FlightZoomer using the inbuilt simulation mode

    The FlightZoomer cockpit app has a simulation mode, that conveninetly allows to get aquainted with the most important features.

    Watch demo on YouTube

    System Context Overview

    The FlightZoomer system context diagrams show all the supported components and their related interfaces. The little arrows are colored based on the used interface type.

    • Grey function blocks: Traditional setup of an Ardupilot equipped RC aircraft or multicopter
    • Red function blocks: FlightZoomer components and interfaces
    • : WLAN connectivity
    • : Bluetooth connectivity
    • : Cellular network connectivity
    • : RC transmitter connectivity
    • : Proprietory connectivity
    • : FPV video transmission


    The default setup consists of two apps on mobile devices, one attached to the airborne vehicle and the second serves as groundstation.

    VERSION 2 (LEGACY) SETUP (supported also by Version 3)

    The legacy setup required a relay server between the airborne device and the groundstation.

    Editions of the software

    Version 3

    FlightZoomer Cockpit 3 FlightZoomer Cockpit 3 - Simulation Edition FlightZoomer Companion 3 FlightZoomer Sensorics 3 FlightZoomer Relay Server 3
    DESCRIPTION Cockpit and groundstation app, that is used by the pilot to plan, navigate and control the flight Cockpit app, that offers the simulation mode in order to evaluate and train FlightZoomer at no cost Airborne app, that connects with the Cockpit app via 3G/4G/5G. Legacy airborne app, that connects with the Cockpit app via 3G/4G/5G Legacy desktop application, that runs stationary and connects the Cockpit app with the Sensorics app
    CONNECTS WITH FlightZoomer Companion 3
    - or -
    FlightZoomer Relay Server 3
    Stand alone FlightZoomer Cockpit 3, Ardupilot, Onboard camera FlightZoomer Relay Server 3, Ardupilot, Onboard camera FlightZoomer Cockpit 3, FlightZoomer Sensorics 3
    PRICE $0
    introductory offer!!
    Free Free Free Free
    SUPPORTED OS Windows 10 desktops or tablets Windows 10 desktops or tablets Windows 10 mobile, Android Windows Phone or 10 Mobile Windows 7 or higher
    AVAILABILITY Will be released soon Available! Will be released soon Will be released soon Will be released soon

    Version 2

    FlightZoomer Groundstation FlightZoomer Sensorics FlightZoomer Relay Server
    DESCRIPTION Smartphone based groundstation app (not usable on tablets), that is used by the pilot to plan, navigate and control the flight. Lacks many of the Version 3 features, that are listed above. Legacy airborne app, that connects with the groundstation app via 3G/4G/5G Legacy desktop application, that runs stationary and connects the Cockpit app with the Sensorics app
    CONNECTS WITH FlightZoomer Relay Server FlightZoomer Relay Server, Ardupilot, Onboard camera FlightZoomer GroundStation, FlightZoomer Sensorics
    PRICE Free Free Free
    SUPPORTED OS Windows Phone or 10 Mobile Windows Phone or 10 Mobile Windows 7 or higher
    AVAILABILITY Available! Available! Available!

    Learn More

    More details, downloads and the product documentation (currently still Version 2 based), can be found on the previous version of the website.