2   Disclaimer


While FlightZoomer offers fantastic features, the following operations rules must be strictly followed:

-    The FlightZoomer system is intended for hobby usage only.

-    Do not use FlightZoomer for manned aviation. The reliability of the app is not good enough to make human lives dependent on it.

-    Be familiar with the operation of RC aircraft having 1kg flying weight or more.

-    Use FlightZoomer only aboard a proven configuration of RC equipment, airframe, flight controller, motors, propeller, battery and ESCs.

-    Operate FlightZoomer strictly within the safety boundaries of any other onboard components.

-    Operate FlightZoomer strictly within the boundaries of any local regulatory statute.

-    Fully respect any disclaimer and safety note which is associated with any other onboard or controlling component, such as RC radio and equipment, telemetry radios, autopilots.