6.2.4    Configure the baud rate of the Bluetooth transceiver

This section only applies, if you connect the onboard smartphone with the flight controller through a HC‑06 Bluetooth transceiver.

Factory fresh HC-06 devices typically have the default baud rate of 9600. It is recommended to change the configuration of the transceiver to a higher value.

For this purpose, the Relay Server application has a special utility to automatically overwrite the configuration parameters of a HC-06 Bluetooth transceiver with the correct values:


Perform the following actions to re-program the HC-06 device:

-    Connect the HC-06 with the computer using a typical USB to RS 232/UART Adapter (as offered for Arduino) like shown on this image:

-    Download and install the application FlightZoomer relay server.

-    Open the Bluetooth programming utility from the Relay Server main window by clicking the button Bluetooth Configuration Utility….

-    Confirm that the correct COM port is shown in the Port dropdown box (or select it otherwise).

-    The current baud rate will automatically be determined!

-    Choose whether you want to add a one-character-suffix to the name and choose a PIN code (or leave it at 1234).

-    Click on the button Program device with

-    Once all steps are completed the utility looks like this: