5.1    System topologies


Each FlightZoomer system topology offers a different solution how the Cockpit-app communicates with the flight controller.

The most basic system topology makes use of a 3rd party radio telemetry solution.

Besides that, the user has the option to choose more comprehensive system topologies, which include an onboard smartphone. This offers several benefits like unlimited range.


System topologies overview:

System topology


Onboard Smartphone

RTF Aircraft

The cockpit app connects to one of the existing RTF ArduPilot products (e.g. 3DR Solo or the Sky Viper multicopter).


3rd party radio telemetry

The cockpit app connects to any kind of 3rd party telemetry solution via USB COM port.

The aircraft with this topology typically is a self-built (DIY) RC plane or copter.


Onboard smartphone connected via Andruav

Andruav is an Android based telemetry and FPV system, that provides connectivity between the aircraft and the cockpit app.


Standalone simulation

Standalone operation, which is offered by the Cockpit-app to simulate fully featured autopilot operations.




5.1.1   System topology with an RTF aircraft

5.1.2   System topology with a full DIY-setup using 3rd party radio telemetry

5.1.3   System topology with cellular connectivity using Andruav

5.1.4   Standalone simulation

5.1.5   MAVLink requirements