5.1.1    System topology with an RTF aircraft


What is needed?



RTF (Ready-To-Fly) multicopter with ArduPilot flight controller + RC controller

Verified products:

·   3DR Solo multicopter

·   Skyrocket Sky Viper Journey



Computer to run
the Cockpit-app

The Cockpit-app is a Windows Store app, that runs on any Windows 10 Tablet, Notebook or Desktop computer. Mid- to upper-class performance is preferred.


Tethering hotspot

Any mobile phone, that can provide internet access via a WiFi hotspot.

Needed only if the cockpit app has no WiFi connectivity to a router.


If the mobile phone can’t provide the hotspot capability via USB or Bluetooth, a second WiFi link is required, which requires a USB WiFi stick.


Microsoft Surface Dial

The FlightZoomer autopilot optionally can be controlled with the Microsoft Surface radial controller



Using a Ready-To-Fly multicopter offers the following advantages:

     Guaranteed performance out of the box.

     Smallest possible hardware footprint, FlightZoomer is a single device addition to an already fully functional setup.

     Lowest possible complexity.


The following restrictions apply:

    Range limitation of the RTF product applies.

    RTF copters tend to cost more than self-assembled vehicles.

    Supply from factory no longer possible for 3DR Solo multicopters.